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Our college has various features that provides growth to the career of the students.


Library is the storehouse of knowledge. The library is housed in a well-designed double- storeyed building and it has well-lit commodious reading rooms with the seating capacity of 100 readers.

Shooting Ranges

The college has 3 shooting Ranges. Fully AC state-of-the-art 10 meter electronic indoor shooting range is the first of its kind provided in the college in North India.

Expert Instructors

We provide you the best Mentors in our college. They will see the potential in every students' perspective and embrace their realities. They act as herald of wisdom and inspire lifelong learning’s.

About Us

Dasmesh Girls College and Dasmesh Girls College of Education established in this rural belt, through qualitative growth have acquired an honourable position in the field of higher education. The girls from rural areas need to catch up with their counterparts from more developed areas. I am happy to see that the colleges are making significant contribution

Dear students / parents, Dasmesh Girls College, Badal (Estb. 1999) is the result of great visionary leader Padma Vibhushan S. Parkash Singh Ji Badal’s dream of providing higher education to rural womenfolk. Both of the colleges are affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh. In this fast moving competitive world, along with regular studies, students need to equip themselves with additional skills and capabilities. Our college D.G.C. Badal offers a nice blend of traditional and modern academic courses as well as useful co-academic courses. You are invited to explore the panorama of courses that would help you to carve your future in a better manner.

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