Tutorial & House System

At the time of admission each student is allotted a tutorial group and a house. The purpose of tutorial is closer supervision of the work and progress of the students and provide personal contact with teachers. All leave application are recommended/ sanctioned by concerned tutors.

Each house has a captain and two associated. The tutorial groups meet once a week. In the tutorial class the student undertakes all the activities as specified.

# House Name Color Teacher Incharge
1 Sunita Williams House Blue
  • Ms. Indra Pahuja
  • Ms. Poonam Bansal
  • Ms. Reetika
2 Mata Sahib Kaur House Orange
  • Ms. Raman Sidhu
  • Ms. Sonam
  • Ms. Amaninder Kaur Dheendsa
3 P.T. Usha House Maroon
  • Ms. HarpreetKaur
  • Ms. Nirmala
  • Ms. ArshpreetKaur
  • Ms. JaspinderKaur
  • Ms. GurpreetKaur(Fine Arts)
4 Savitribai Phule House Green
  • Dr. Minal Krishna
  • Ms. Veenu Chugh
5 Sarojini Naidu House Red
  • Dr. SatinderKaur
  • Ms. Shikha

Each house will have three representatives elected by members of the house one of them will be the will be the captain house incharge will organize various activities, morning assembly and maintain the house board in collaboration with members of their houses.